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Hokkaido hemp buisness step 

Research and development(R&D) phase  
1. Variety suitable for a climate
2. Development of the growing system and the processing system
3. Propagation of hemp informations

Improvement of a legal system
Ex. Hokkaido Industrial hemp promoted regulation
Establishment of primary processing corporation
Commercialization phase
Business Domain
Hemp seed for Herbal medicine,
Hemp charcoal for fireworks
Thermal insulation, building
materials, and animal bedding
Biomass energy
Others: apparel, cosmetics etc.

The type of a hemp industry possible in Hokkaido

Pattern of the hemp industries in Hokkaido, will depends on the management scale and rejoins. From large-scale farming, such as Europe to the traditional hemp cultivation of Japan,cultivation in accordance with the various purposes will be possible.

1)Large Scale   
① Agricultural use
  ex.Animal bedding, Feed, Green manure     
② Industrial use
  ex.Building material (insulation etc), plastics, etc
③ Energy use          
ex.BTL system (Power generation、Liquid fuel, waste heat)   

2)Small- Medium Scale
   ①Hempseed/oil: Health food, Cosmetic, etc   
    ②Traditional fiber products

Our Final Goal 20,000ha of Hemp !!
HIHA asks you to cooperate for the future of the hemp industry in Hokkaido.