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Background of the commission launch

Mr.Reiichi Kato, attending this meeting with his colleague Councilor, proposed the establishment of a meeting of experts in March 2013,

In response to this, the Agricultural Department of Hokkaido Local government, established the Hokkaido Feasibility Study Commission, began the discussion in August 2013,

Hokkaido industrial hemp feasibility study commission 2013-

August 2013

Hokkaido Government Office, Agricultural Administration Department

Dr.Hirokazu Matsui, the honorary professor of Hokkaido University

Meeting schedule
1st August 8,2013
2st December 20, 2013
3st March 19, 2014

Agenda suggestion

1.On the possibility of transition of responsible jurisdiction
 Cannabis・・・・Marijuana ・・・Medical and Pharmaceutical Division
 Industrial hemp・・・Hemp・・・Agricultural Administration Division

2.About the possibility of seed transfer / import · · · cultivation of 1 ha
Transfer of Tochigi-hempseed
· · · Cooperative management with the agency or municipality
Import of seeds of zero percent of THC ingredients from France
· ·・ Change of Ministry of Health and Welfare Ordinance

3.Component test of native species (autogenous hemp in Hokkaido)
      Confirmation of THC component
      Effective utilization of native hemp(wild hemp)

4.Establishment of THC inspection system · · · Seed renewal
Civilian voluntary management
· · · Cannabis researcher license, Narcotic handling license.
Management system of Hokkaido Institute of Hygiene, Agricultural Experiment Station

5.On the possibility of abolishing the net fence of cultivated land
      Abolition of 2.7 m anti-theft fence

Summary of the feasibility study commission


<Summary of the feasibility study commission> March 19, 2014

1.The usefulness of hemp can be greatly expected as improvement of soil environment and biomass resource besides various kinds of industrial products such as hemp fruit as grain, edible oil, hemp textile etc. as well as residential building materials.

2.Meanwhile, there is an opinion that cultural problems should be dealt with carefully in relation to drug abuse prevention, and it is necessary to eliminate such anxiety.  Even if non-toxic varieties are cultivated, if there is concern about toxicity due to crossing, is there any need for some kind of testing system?

In Tochigi prefecture, it examines at the growth phase of the seed whether the pure line as a breed of "tochigiro" is kept rather than the content of THC. However, in Hokkaido where there are many wild hemp, it is necessary to consider whether to conduct the same examination as in Tochigi prefecture.

3.Regarding the understanding of Hokkaido people, it is necessary to inform the usefulness of industrial cannabis, while the image as drug is strong, little known about non-toxic varieties and utilization examples.

In addition, in order to eliminate anxiety about drug abuse, it is likely that establishing a system to measure THC will lead to the understanding of Hokkaido people.

4.In either case, since there are few cultivation records in the Hokkaido in recent years, we have reached a common recognition that it is necessary to accumulate fundamental knowledge on cultivation.

5. Stable securing of seeds, including proliferation, is not limited to industrial hemp, it is a common problem for all crops. Currently, the possibility of obtaining seed is limited to nontoxic variety grown in Tochigi prefecture. First of all, it may be necessary to collect scientific knowledge on the possibility of adapting the seeds introduced to Hokkaido's climate / soil or possibly cultivating or proliferating it.

6.Therefore, in order to investigate the possibility of seed propagation of "tochigiro" in cold region Hokkaido, we would like to propose to transfer and accept breeding test for test research.

7.For private cultivation cases as well, we will try to accumulate knowledge, such as gathering information on training.

8.After collecting such data, it is necessary to further study the possibility as a new agricultural crop in Hokkaido from now on.

Report and materials of Hokkaido industrial hemp feasibility study commission are published in PDF to Hokkaido Agency.
For details, please refer to here.
Website of Hokkaido industrial hemp feasibility study commission