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About HIHA

Founded: February 2012  Established: August 2014 
This association is an associate member of EIHA in Japan.

Members:Personal, 26 corporates, total 56

Purpose : To contribute to activation of Hokkaido agriculture and regional economy through industrial hemp.

Activity :
1. Propagation of hemp information
2. Lobbying to Government and assembly for deregulation
3. Test farming, test processing, test products and test marketing
4. Support to get the hemp farmer or researcher licenses
5. Overseas visits of leading hemp industry

Recruitment and Donation

We are looking for participation of people interested in Hemp business in Hokkaido.

HIHA is a non-profit group. We are looking for people donating to Hemp activities in Hokkaido, Japan.

Gold Donation; 10,000(USD)
Silver Donation; 3000(USD)
Bronze Donation ; 500(USD)


If you would like to become a member, please send an e-mail below.

   HIHA office