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Cultivation license

Japanese hemp farm

The Cannabis Control Law was enacted by the U.S. occupation period in 1948 after the World War U. The demand of hemps was almost lost by the spread
of synthetic fiber. Now, the hemp is used only as traditional materials of Japan.

Fig.1 Traditional hemp application of Japan

Fig.2 Hemp cultivation area of Japan, 1882-2011y

Cannabis Control Act ; Act No.124 of July 10, 1948

Article 1 The term "Cannabis" as used in this Act means the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa L.) and its products; provided, however, that the grown stalk of the cannabis plant and its products (excluding resin.) and the seed of cannabis plant and its products are excluded.

Fig.3 Japanese regurations for hemp

It dose not matter whether the plant contains THC, the law regulates depending on the parts of the plant.
A prefectural governor's license "Cannabis Handler" is required for cultivation of Hemp.

Table.1 "Cannabis Handler"
 Year Area  "Cannabis Handler" 
"Cannabis Cultivator" 
"Cannabis Researcher"
 2014  5.9ha  36 people  388 people

Original task of Hokkaido

1) Reservation of the variety of low-THC or non-THC

2) Establishment of THC testing organization

3) Operation of large-scale test growing

4) Cooperation with food products, construction company, etc. which want to use an industrial hemp

5) Operation reformation of the Cannabis Control Law of Hokkaido agency

6) Survey of a wild nature hemp (only implemented in the 1970s)

7) The common knowledge and the understanding to that of the Hokkaido people, especially farmers