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What is HIHA?

Representative Director: Dr. Harumi Kikuchi

HIHA(Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association) is the organization that aims at deepening understanding by appealing the citizens of Hokkaido for usefulness of industrial hemp in Hokkaido and creating hemp cultivation and new hemp-related industry. Established in August 2013, it has now 70 members mainly consisting of individuals, companies and organizations that are understanding of promoting public awareness and the development of hemp industry. Raising public awareness and carrying out test growing, research and development, overseas study tour etc., HIHA is not a member of FIHO(Federation of International Hemp Organizations), but helped as the only founding member of FIHO in Japan.

This association is only active in spreading hemp as a crop and promoting hemp industry using it as materials and has nothing whatever to do with activities of demanding legalization for recreational and medical marijuana. We kindly ask individuals and organizations that insist on lifting the ban on recreational marijuana and so on to refrain from participating.

*Hokkaido is located in the North Island of Japan.


In 2021

Urgent Statement to the Investigative Commission on Measures for the Control of Cannabis and Other Drugs of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

January 31st, 2021
Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association

The Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association (HIHA), which engages in public awareness activities concerning industrial hemp (see note below) in Hokkaido, is compelled to express its serious concerns in response to the notice issued on the establishment of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s Investigative Commission on Measures for the Control of Cannabis and Other Drugs. We present our assertions in this urgent statement.

According to the guidelines for the meeting of the investigative commission, the commission’s goals will focus mainly on discussion of drug-related laws including the Cannabis Control Act and the state of drug control measures; reporting indicates that consideration will be given to criminalization of usage. Such discussions could spread the mistaken impression among Japanese citizens that the cannabis plant is a dangerous drug and foster bias against it, even though it is a valuable crop with traditional and cultural significance that has been used in Japan since the Jomon period.

The Cannabis Control Act is a profoundly unreasonable law that restricts all cannabis regardless of the quantity or even presence of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in marijuana, the chemical synthetic substance of which are designated as an illegal drug in Japan), and even prohibits the cultivation of hemp from overseas (see note below) containing none of this substance. First, concerning the Cannabis Control Act and problems with its application, we would like to recommend the development of a more reasonable law formulated based upon discussion that is made public to the citizens of Japan and upon scientific knowledge.

For the full text, please download the PDF file below.
Urgent Statement to the Investigative Commission on Measures for the Control of Cannabis and Other Drugs of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

In 2020

Hokkaido Hemp Association (HIHA) disseminates Japan's legal issues to the world

HIHA has endorsed the "Common Position of the Industrial Hemp Sector on the Single Convention and the International Drug Control System" and has compiled the following information on hemp regulation in Japan. We asked them to introduce this in the case studies of each country in Appendix 1 of the Unification of Views document, and in particular to inform the world about Japan's Cannabis Control Law and its operational issues, which are major obstacles to the development of the hemp industry in Japan. Not only the English version, but also the French and Spanish versions were published simultaneously.

In 2019

Date October 11-13  Asahikawa, JAPAN
Organized by Hokkaido Industrial Hemp Association (HIHA)

ASACON 2019 is the First International Business Conference aiming at
“The Campaign to Re-Open Japan for Hemp”

Last year, Canada legalized recreational marijuana, and it gave a big impact to the world. Like this, since the deregulation for hemp has been moved forward overseas, the number of countries and regions that legalize medical or recreational use have been increasing, and the hemp industry has also been developing rapidly. On the other hand, Japan has left behind by the world-wide trend due to the Cannabis Control Act that substantially prohibits cultivation for medical use and even safe harmless industrial use. Like the Edo period when international exchanges except with the Netherland and China were strictly prohibited, Japan is even now sealed off to the outside world on hemp.

We have decided to begin “The Campaign to Re-Open Japan for Hemp” in order to overthrow the present situation of closed Japan. Japan where the population is aging is the promising market for hemp products that is necessary for health and comfortable life. Telling the good points of hemp products to Japanese people, we need the strong campaign to increase the domestic distribution of hemp products by importing them.

ASACON 2019 is the first step of this campaign and the Japan’s first international conference on hemp business on a full scale. With inviting the worldwide hemp companies and prominent hemp researchers and having them introduce hemp products to Japan, it is one of the main purposes of this conference to have overseas understand the fascination of Japanese market.

We endorse “The Campaign to Re-Open Japan for Hemp” and welcome Japanese companies that hope to cooperate with foreign companies expanding the hemp industry/business globally. Please join ASACON 2019, and let’s aim at expanding the Japanese hemp market together!

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Download the latest version of ASACON 2019 leaflet (September 14 version)

Download the latest version of ASACON 2019 Program (September 16 version)

Registration Site → Kokucheese(Japanese, Google translation will help you!)

In 2017

July 24 to 28 - In Tokyo and Sapporo, Japan –
Japan and France International Exchange Symposium 2017 on Industrial Hemp was held. Mr. Fevrier, the general manager of FNPC visited Japan. The traditional and modern hemp industry in both countries was introduced, and we attempted to promote public awareness. Published the total-45-pages report

June 7 and 8 - In Cologne, Germany –
4 members from HIHA attended the 14th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association and collected the overseas information about the trend of the hemp industry. We also had a meeting with FNPC about Japan-France hemp exchange project.

February 21 - In Tokyo, Japan -
HIHA visited the Embassy of France in Japan and requested nominal support. On March 13, we received the formal acceptance of nominal support.

In 2016

December 5 to 9 - In Osaka, Japan –
Mr. Fevrier, the general manager of FNPC and Mr. Kikuchi, the representative director of HIHA gave a lecture on the characteristic and import of Santhica27, non-toxic hemp variety (THC 0%), for the spread in Japan as a France delegation to Japan attending France-Japan Innovation Forum in Osaka sponsored by the Embassy of France Business France.
Mr. Fevrier visited Japan again in 2017 and agreed to hold the exchange symposium on Hemp in Tokyo and Sapporo. He met the director of Regional Products and Industrial Crops of Agricultural Production Bureau, the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the assistant director of Trade Control Policy Division of Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and had an exchange of opinions on the import of the French variety but both ministries needed to discuss with the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and could not make a decision on their own.

July 1 and 2 - In the suburbs of Cologne, Germany –
The 13th International Conference of the European Industrial Hemp Association
Oral Presentation
The Industrial hemp of Hokkaido-the challenge towards a future-
Harumi Kikuchi and Emi Moriyama
Oral Presentation
Hemp Breeding at FNPC, Claire Thouminot 
Picture on the right:Published the total-77-pages tour report
FNPC and HIHA had a meeting about collaborative research.

May 27 to June 4 - In Netherland and Germany –
HIHA conducted “Hemp Industry Study Tour in Netherland and Germany in 2016”. 16 people participated in the tour. They visited the primary processing company, agricultural machinery manufacturer, University, Hash Marihuana and Hemp Museum in Amsterdam. We joined the official overseas inspection party from Hokkaido Prefectural Assembly (The leader; Mr. Reiichi KATO, the president of Hokkaido Prefectural Assembly Hemp Promotion Study Association) on site, and attended the International Conference of the EIHA together. The executive in charge of a secretariat also attended as a member of our association’s study group.

May 2 - In Tokyo, Japan –
The 3 members from HIHA visited the Embassy of France in Japan. Ms. Hofferer, Agricultural Counselor dealt with it. They discussed the situation of industrial hemp in Japan and the import of hemp seeds from France.

In 2015

December 11 - In Paris, France -
Meeting of FNPC and HIHA about the import and export of hemp seed and collaborative research (picture)
We agreed on the conclusion of “Collaborative Research on Hemp breeding and cultivation in Hokkaido”

September 6 to 12 - In Various Places of France -
HIHA conducted “Hemp Industry Study Tour 2015 in France”. 10 people participated in the tour. They visited the farmers, Hempseed company, primary processing company, construction site, automobile parts manufacture, and so on. One of the destinations was FNPC/CCPSC. HIHA took an interest in introducing THC0% variety of FNPC/CCPSC. Picture on the right: published the total-48-pages tour report