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Hemp car project in Hokkaido  7th July - 8th August 2011

Hemp car is a car using hemp oil as biofuel.The car used a diesel car. Hemp oil used the one that was imported to Japan and whose the freshness date has passed.That Hemp car appears in various events in Japan and carries out hemp market with Hemp theme.

In 2011, in Hokkaido we ran over 4,100 km from Hakodate City July 7.to Kitami City (town of industrial hemp crop special zone) August 8.

Travel map of Hokkaido's 4100 km

 The goal set on August 8 in Kitami city is because the accreditation of Industrial Cannabis Special Zone is August 8, 2008, it is the third anniversary event.For detailed record of running, please see Hemp car · channe blog (Japanese only).
 Hemp car project Hokkaido 2011 blog

(1)Achievements of Hemp car

 Submit a petition signature on the spread of industrial hemp to the governor. The signature was collected by 2041 people and delivered to Hokkaido Governor on October 11, 2011.

(2)Achievements of Hemp car

We have decided to network those who are interested in spreading Hokkaido industrial cannabis that has been connected so far.Hokkaido Hemp Net was established in February 2012 of this network. This group became the Hokkaido industrial hemp association later.